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Outerclean is a business specialising in cleaning the outside of buildings, from removal of green, red and black algae to moss and lichen removal from the render/plasterwork of the building walls and roof.

This work is carried out by a soft chemical wash as we do not pressure wash plaster / render to avoid any damage to the substructure and paintwork.

This is a process we call The Housewash and in it we can turn your tired looking discoloured building into a vibrant clean home and often within a day!

All work is ground based no scaffolding required and is a very good inexpensive alternative to repainting your house.

Drive Wash, Patio Wash

We use a mix of fast acting biocides and pressure washing to provide a superior clean, sanitizing the surface so your driveway will stay cleaner for longer.

Kiln dried sand is a very fine sand that we brush into the crack between your pavers. This stabilizes the surface after cleaning so that the blocks don't shift over time

We then spray a very powerful slow acting biocide which will keep the surface of the blocks or pavers free from any live growth going forward this is a very good alternative to traditional sealant.

Gutter Clear, Gutter Wash

At Outerclean we will clear the gutters of leaf and moss debris and check there are no obstructions to the downpipes using a floor standing professional gutter wet / dry vacuum.

As an extra we can clean all the Upvc, that's the gutters, soffits, fascias, downpipes, window frames and doors to a sparkle!

Roof Wash

If moss is allowed to grow on your roof, when it rains the water is trapped by the moss between the tiles, and as the water freezes and then thaws it can pull the tiles apart, causing extensive damage.

Get your roof cleaned today.